Industry the key to water crisis says union boss

Industry the key to water crisis says union boss

The UK should act to tackle the country’s growing water scarcity, the World Water Forum said on Thursday after a new study found the risk posed by 제주 카지노poor water management and inadequate management of infrastructure is “the most pressing problem facing the sector globally.”


The group’s research showed the UK’s water resources were suffering a “significant depletion of water sources” with almost half of all water from England and Wales failing to meet minimum standards.

Roughly 50 million households in the UK relied on aquifers for their livelihoods, while the world’s fourth largest river — the Thames — was facing threats of water contamination, the research said.

“We find that despite significant advances, the water crisis affecting the UK’s infrastructure, as well as the UK’s aquifers, is the most pre예스 카지노 쿠폰ssing problem facing the sector globally,” said Water Minister Andrea Leadsom.

“We cannot afford to ignore water scarcity as it affects our families and communities, our economy and the UK’s energy security.

“It’s vital that we continue to promote sustainable water management strategies that ensure we have enough water resources to meet our rapidly changing demands for electricity and water and to protect our environment.

“We have to prioritise protecting aquifers to protect our children and our local communities.”

The findings were revealed in an update of the report’s findings published on Friday.

The Water Forum is calling on a full review of the country’s water infrastructure and policy makers to establish the “most effective way” to address Britain’s water supply problems.

“A lack of good water policy, and an excess of environmental fearmongering around problems with water is both limiting and counterproductive,” said chief executive Chris Keates.

“The world is increasingly aware of the need for an improvement in environmental sustainability, and that is not in any way an issue for our nation.”

Other recommendations are that the UK should adopt global standards to 필리핀 마이다스 카지노control water production, encourage improved water supply management techniques, and establish long-term water conservation plans, among other measures.

(Editing by Nick Pinto)

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