China lobbies against bhps bid for rio reports

China lobbies against bhps bid for rio reports

Kumar Sangakkara said there was now a lot of interest in the proposed scheme for bhps but there was little clarity regarding its timing and details from the industry.

Kumar, who is chief executive of bhps, said India’s government had been encouraging bhps companies and individuals to do “big things” in manufacturing in Bangladesh.

“We need to help them, and that’s the current agenda.

“A lot of the projects have been done by bhps co바카라사이트mpanies, who can build facilities and bring them here. But we are still waiting for official government’s commitment and clarity on the issue. We hope the government will come up with a 우리카지노way to expedite the process.”

His comments came 바카라ahead of a visit of the government of prime minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh next week. It comes ahead of talks scheduled in Abu Dhabi on Thursday between officials of bhps and the government of Abu Dhabi regarding building a major high-speed rail link between Bangladesh and the UAE.

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